A Note From Our Founders

Hey, Its Sheila and Sharon

Born in Uganda, raised in the U.S. and shaped through years of global travel, we have called many places “home”. But no matter where we go, creating a sense of community is at the core of our pursuits. We finally slowed down long enough to dream up a way to share our experiences through coffee while building a lasting legacy.

Mutima Coffee is an experience. Our coffee is grown by grandmothers who want to give their children a legacy, mothers who want to give their families a voice, and daughters who want to foster a greater sense of community—our coffee truly is from our heart to yours. Through coffee, we create transformative experiences that connect people and empower communities. 

Beyond the taste, our coffee enables small-group farmers to highlight their life’s work, while proceeds go towards improving cultivation conditions and processes. Our first community impact goal is to build a well in one of our farming communities in Uganda’s Mt. Elgon region.

Sheila & Sharon Kasasa


Spiced Chai

Experience the season of warmth and tranquility.

Spiced Chai is a single-origin bean that is roasted to a light-medium level to maximize the flavor profile and caffeine.

SMELL notes of aromatic spices and pine, SEE bright, caramel colored coffee, TASTE a smooth, tea-like cup of coffee with a bitter-free finish, EXPERIENCE chocolate molasses and nutmeg. 


Something about this coffee tastes warm. It reminds me of autumn.
I'm not a coffee drinker at all. I'm more of a tea person. But the Spice Chai tastes like a tea. It tastes like Spice Chai. I love it.
The color is the magic for me. I've never seen coffee that looks so good to drink. Vibrant!

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