Impact Is Our Ritual

In a progressively global society, an unprecedented number of people across the world are constantly connecting. Smart phones, cheap airline tickets and a trove of technological advancements work in tandem to create an interdependent community.

This “share culture” extends beyond information. It has broken down national borders such that products, ideas, and cultures circulate freely causing disruption across all industries.

The global coffee industry has felt multiple ripples, with the most notable being the evolution of specialty coffee. We now understand the what, where and how of coffee. Now the question becomes, why?

Why is the bulk of the world’s total coffee production concentrated in three countries—Brazil, Colombia, and Vietnam? Together, they account for 74% of total production. There are many compelling answers to that question, but the market had its own response. Emerging coffee regions. In addition to countries new to coffee production, emerging regions include those with years of coffee production experience, who are expanding production into new regions.

Small neighborhood cafés serving unique drinks with beans from unfamiliar places gained a fierce following: Indonesia. Yemen. El Salvador. Ethiopia. Uganda. Some cafés produce and sell their own product in carefully curated spaces that invoke the importance of the coffee beans journey to your cup. These intimate community spaces foster an environment for all coffee enthusiasts to experience an evolution together.

By purchasing Mutima Coffee, you will be an active participant in changing our communities in Mt. Elgon. We know that $13.00 provides one child clean water for 15 years or more. A little under $65.00 provides unlimited clean water access to a family of 5 in Uganda. 
Our goal is to build a well this year from family members like you doing everyday things like purchasing our coffee. Today, we drink together.