Our Roots

Our coffee represents about 300 small family coffee growers throughout Uganda and on the border between Uganda and Kenya. As Ugandans, we believe that anything you do is from the heart. Uganda is an excellent location for cultivating coffee due to its climate and rich soil. In past decades, armed conflict endangered the industry, particularly in the production region of the West Nile, however, the land proved to be resilient. The country boasts rich and fertile land, with prevailing volcanic soil from the east to west regions, and plenty of rainfall to sustain multiple cultivation periods. Uganda boasts two harvests in various regions of the country: April to June and October to February.

The country is famous for its Robusta coffee; an indigenous species grown in low altitude regions and continues to be cultivated in the country’s rainforests. In Uganda, smallholders intercrop their coffee trees with traditional food crops, such as banana trees, to provide both shade and ensure food security to local farmers. In these self-sustaining conditions, coffee is left to grow naturally, flowering on average twice a year.

At Mutima Coffee, we strive to introduce the world to the unique Arabica coffee grown in three regions: Mount Elgon in the East, the Rwenzori Mountains in the Southwest, and West Nile in the Northwest Region. Each origin boasts a unique flavor profile with varying production methods that improve both quality and overall taste. We understand that enhancing the experience of each cup of coffee begins at the source.

In the Eastern Region of the country, Mount Elgon straddles the Uganda and Kenya border. Judging by its enormous base, it is thought that Mount Elgon was once the tallest mountain in Africa. The Sipi Falls are one of the great natural features of the Elgon region and provide an ample source of water during the cultivation process. Coffee shambas populate the cliff faces, making use of natural water gullies and forest cover to extract moisture from the soil. The coffee shambas are smallholder farms based between 1,600 and 1,900 meters apart. The terrain is steep and difficult to traverse during the rain seasons—often there are no roads, leaving farmers to utilize dirt tracks that are frequently washed away by the heavy rains. The Bagisu people, who reside on Mount Elgon, have become expert coffee farmers and have developed their own transportation methods to adapt to the terrain—donkeys! 

Mutima Coffee is a woman owned and woman-run coffee company cultivated in the spirit of generational entrepreneurship. As a team of Ugandan coffee cultivators, we want the world to taste a cup of Mutima coffee that is made from the heart.

General Verbiage 

Mt. Elgon, Eastern Uganda, Uganda

Altitude: 1350 - 2200 MASL (Meters above sea level)

Traceable to: Varietals: SL14 & SL 28 

Processing --- Harvest From Our Farm: October November December January 

Batching --- To Your Cup: December January February March April May